John Smith:
I am a 16 year IT veteran from Unix/Linux to M ainframes,my specialties are Access Gateway Enterprise/Netscaler/Application delivery, Application Firewall and Event Correlation as well as back end Citrix XenAPP solutions to include App-V and AIE.    I have extensive experience with existing IT Regualatory framework and consider myself a “digial epidemiologist” from a security standpoint, setting up dashboards to track events such as service desk calls, security breaches, application failures, etc and using this data to predict performance.   I have also been using VMWare since 1.51 and have over 6 years of experience in the virtualization space including ESX, XenServer and Hyper-V.

I also have over ten years of experience in web server administration for various federal and e-Commerce driven solutions that includes IIS, .NET Web Services, Apache Tomcat, WebLogic and Resin Application servers.

Also, In May of this year I was named a Citrix Technology Profesional by Citrix Systems for contributions on the Networking side, I am hoping to make CTP for the Xen Side as well since that is where my career started.

I can be reached at
Linked In Profile


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